TuiShou Stereo engl

New date for 2024: #1 01.-03. Mar | #2 31.May-02. Jun | #3 30. Aug-1. Sep | #4 6.-8. Dec 2024

We, Giles Rosbander and Martin Neumann, present an ongoing series of 3-day TuiShou seminars. What are the themes we want to explore with you? Beginning with meditation and (seemingly) simple basic exercises, we move on to single-hand and then two-hand TuiShou. We include some techniques, some patterns and plenty of free play. The focus is always on sensitivity and flow, on Tai Chi as a way of letting go, of interacting and as a practical martial art. Participants must already have some experience of TuiShou, and more advanced practitioners are welcome; sometimes we can subdivide the group so that people can work together at their own level.

As we train together, we ask ourselves the following questions. How can we benefit and progress from the training together? How do we make the practice both cooperative and challenging, and have fun at the same time? Our dialogue-based teaching creates a three-dimensional learning space. And this is reflected in the name: ‘TuiShou Stereo’.

The seminars form a regular and ongoing offer that can support your TuiShou path. They take place in Berlin-Kreuzberg roughly once every 3 months; the seminars can be attended singly or booked as a series (with a discount).

You can find more information in the flyer >>>  and you can  register here >>>.

A few comments by participants:

“A very ‘effective’ kind of TuiShou, without force, quite calm and with many things that I can practice at home, too.”

“It’s interesting to feel the different ways and qualities that arise in each of you. You are both very consistent in ‘becoming empty’ and you also help us become sensitive to this for ourselves.”

“I really liked the ideas you both gave us about how we can approach TuiShou. After this, training with each new partner somehow became a journey of discovery.”